Week 28 PowerPoint:

CW: AF Chapter 1 Vocab

Pass out Animal Farm novels
Animal Roles review
Animal Farm Chapter 1 Class Read
HW: Animal Farm Ch. 1 Vocab Work

CW: Animal Farm Chapter 1 Film Clip
Old Major’s speech Close Read - Stop and summarize

Exit Ticket - Three sentence summary
HW: Read Animal Farm Chapter 2; Write down any questions you have while reading to be used in class Wednesday.

CW: AF Chapter 2 Vocab
Animal Farm Chapter 2 Class Re-Read
Animal Farm Chapter 2 Film Clip
HW: Animal Farm Ch. 2 Vocab Work

CW: SWBAT discuss the significance of the pigs teaching themselves to read
Animal Farm Seven Commandments
HW: Review for Animal Farm Chapter 1 & 2 Vocabulary and Concepts Quiz!

CW: Animal Farm Chapter 1 & 2 Vocabulary and Concepts Quiz
HW: On a separate sheet of paper to turn in Monday - What is the most important commandment of the Seven Commandments of Animal Farm? Why?